Introduction To The Learning Environment

This learning environment implements a constructivist-based pedagogical model called problem-based learning. The aim of this site is to provide real-world complex problem for senior undergraduate students in Civil Engineering at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Learners are asked to find solutions for the flood that attacked Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia after a rainy day which caused a huge damage. Learners are expected to generate hypotheses about what caused the flood/problem, set group goals and strategies to solve the problems, search for relevant resources, and test their hypotheses. Learners will be provided with on-time scaffolding from their instructor to help them find and understand relevant resources to solve the problem.

Through solving the problem, learners will learn interdisciplinary learning domains as following:

Environmental Engineering, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Watershed Management, Water Resources Planning and Management, and Surface Water Management.

Learners are expected to use this site effectively and constantly with their groups to help them process their learning.

Tutorial on how to navigate through the sites